Book Review – The Secret Seven


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This is the book

Hi all, welcome back.

In this post, I will be reviewing the book which I have recently read.

This is a very good book written by Enid Blyton, specially for those who love reading adventurous books. This book talks about thieves stealing the car of peter and janet’s father. They are not able to see much of the thieves in dark but still wanted to figure out who they are. At first, they think that it might be a friend of their father but when they catch a glimpse of those men, they know that they are none of father’s friend.

It is an adventurous book but has a lot of laughter as well. I recommend this book because I love reading books which are adventurous. I also recommend you to read the famous five. I will write more about “The Famous Five” in my next post.

Do comment and let me know how you liked the book after you have read it.

And also comment and recommend some books that you have read and liked a lot.

What are your favourite books?

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