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Hi! I will be writing paragraphs, essays, and a lot more related to creative writing in my blogs.

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Father’s Day Special

MY DADDY I have a father not like everyonebut a very special one,To him I owe a lotAbout him I would write a blog,I love him dearlyon his face i can see his love clearly,He is the Black Sheep of our familybut appreciates my work gladly,He is a quick-witted and brainy manand I know heContinue reading “Father’s Day Special”

Introduction to my blogs

HEY GUYS! WELCOME TO MY BLOG I am Monalisa. I will be writing a collection of paragraphs, essays, and sharing my ideas with you all on my blogs, I will also be giving some tips and tricks about writing. So all of you must be wondering why would I want to write a blog? Well,Continue reading “Introduction to my blogs”

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