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Hi! I will be writing paragraphs, essays, and a lot more related to creative writing in my blogs.

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One day, Edgar and his mom were walking in their garden, and as they were rabbits they loved carrots. While walking they smelled something sweet like carrot. They followed the sweet smell and reached a bakery and there they saw its name as carrot bakery. They were very excited because as I mentioned before theyContinue reading “EDGAR AND HIS MOM”


Once upon a time in a great kingdom there lived it’s ruler, king James. He had a daughter who was called Mary. The princess was very beautiful, intelligent and had a good heart. The king wanted his daughter to marry someone who had a good heart, was brainy and always merry. He asked his daughterContinue reading “Intelligence”


Cheesy Cheesy Cheese CheeseCreamy Creamy Cream CreamYummy Yummy Yum YumFunny Funny Fun Fun Enjoyed It?Okay, Guys I love cheese. Do you? I love eating as well as saying cheese. Cheese is one of my favourite words. And yes! I m learning french so I’ve fallen in love with cheese. If you also love cheese andContinue reading “CHEESE!!”

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