Once upon a time in a great kingdom there lived it’s ruler, king James. He had a daughter who was called Mary. The princess was very beautiful, intelligent and had a good heart. The king wanted his daughter to marry someone who had a good heart, was brainy and always merry. He asked his daughter to think of a challenge, to get the husband she was worthy of. On the next day she said to her father “ I want to marry only the man who finds someone exactly who looks like me and behaves like me. The father agreed. He kept on thinking of this and soon came up with a tongue twister:

Mary wanted to marry a man who was always merry.

Quite an easy one but he liked it. He at once ordered the soldiers to announce this with the help of the tongue twister in the entire kingdom. All the men were very excited. Some of them travelled all around the world to find someone like the princess while the others went and stayed in the palace to observe the princess’s habits and then find someone like her. But in this great kingdom there was this one great man called Jonas. He went to the palace and asked for the king’s permission to meet Mary. The king allowed this. He then went inside the princess’s chambers and asked her to look at herself in the mirror and sing a song and dance. After she had done so Jonas concluded that Mary’s mirror image was the one who exactly looked and behaved like her. When she asked her why he had not asked her to paint or just simply talk his reply was, “ Because when  you sing and dance your expressions come out in the form of your behavior”. The princess was overjoyed at this. As soon as the king got to know about this he was extremely happy. Wedding preparations were made and Mary was married to a man who was always merry, Jonas.

Sweet Romantic Couple | Wedding couple cartoon, Bride and groom cartoon,  Wedding caricature
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