Woosh! Into the painting world

Cartoon Cute Girl Saying Hello, Vector Illustration Royalty Free Cliparts,  Vectors, And Stock Illustration. Image 20077221.
Hey! So how are you doing?

I am doing good. Especially with colors, canvas, pencil etc. You must be thinking why would I be talking about these things. Um mm.. one reason can be that I love colors, or maybe painting. I recently learned blending acrylic color. To be honest, I never get tired or bored of painting, there is so much to learn and so much to improve and so much to play with. I love colors and I don’t have any favorite color. That has a simple reason. It is because I love all colors. They are the things with which we paint and make your paintings colorful. Painting helps you stay calm and quiet. So keep painting and enjoy with your colors and canvas. Do write in the comment box which colors do you use( Acrylic, poster or any other) and what gives you best results. I get the best results by acrylic but poster is good too.

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