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I am Monalisa. I will be writing a collection of paragraphs, essays, and sharing my ideas with you all on my blogs, I will also be giving some tips and tricks about writing. So all of you must be wondering why would I want to write a blog? Well, I want to write a blog to share my ideas. I love writing diary, stories, poems, paragraphs, essays and a lot more. This enabled me to think out of the box and start writing. Diary writing is always a good way to enable, develop, and practice your writing skills. I started diary writing and with this I travelled all along the world of creativity to find out more about writing. I gradually began writing stories, poems etc. Start with short stories to begin with. And finally, you can read almost all the things related to writing on my blogs. Please share my blogs with your friends, relatives and close ones if you like them. And feel free to give me suggestions or feedback if you have any. Happy reading!

Happy Reading!
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4 thoughts on “Introduction to my blogs

  1. I guess I’m a little late but your presentation indicates you’re already a good writer.
    My simple advice is; read more than you write and observe the content structure of every successful blog you read🙏
    Great blog👏👏


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